Active Giveaways


Cellybreak is proud to announce we are raffling giveaways for EVERY BREAK

At the end of each break, we will randomize a card to give away (LIVE!)

One of the giveaways could be a PREMIUM Giveaway!



The Draw

🎲 All participants in the current break will be eligible for the giveaway 🎲

🎲 The card that appears at the TOP of the list will be given away 🎲

🎲 The name that appears at the TOP of the list will be the winner of the giveaway 🎲

(All participants and give away slots will be randomized 3 times on


How It Works

🎲 Once a card has been won, it will be removed from the list 🎲

🎲 This will increase the chance of getting the premium card on the next break 🎲


1/100 Chance to hit the premium card.

If the premium card was not hit, you will have a 1/99 chance to hit it on the next break


Whats a "Premium" Card?

Unique cards that are not common and have decent monetary value:

Rare Rookies

Serial Cards

1 of 1's


What happens next?

When the premium card has been given away - Cellybreak will update the entire list with fresh cards to replace the cards that have been given away, and the premium card will be up for grabs again!

Once the premium giveaway has been hit, we will reset the entire list with new cards replacing the ones already won - This means the premium hit will be available again! (And always!)


Current/Past Giveaways

Active Giveaways