What is a break?


What is a box break?

A box break (aka group break) is an event where collectors buy a spot in the break in exchange for receiving some of the cards in the case/box/pack. These are typically live streamed so that all participants in the box break can share in the excitement of seeing the pulls and hits as they happen. Box breaks have become a popular and economic way for collectors to get potentially higher-value or rarer cards without having to buy a whole box or case themselves.


How do box breaks work?

Box breaks can be done several different ways and it depends entirely on the breaker that you decide to buy with. Below are some of the more common types of breaks:

  • Pick Your Team (PYT):
    • Collectors buy a team (or multiple teams) and they receive every HIT pulled from that team. Prices for the teams are predetermined based on popularity/checklist of the team.
  • Random Spot Style
    • This type of break is where every participants will be randomly assigned a Spot (via Random.org). Then we will randomize the teams and assign each randomized participants with their sloted team. See below


What happens after I buy?

Your spot will be reserved in the break. Once the spots have been filled, the live break will be broadcasted live for everyone to view. The schedule of the break will be on the product page.


Where and when is the break?

Cellybreak breaks are always live! Its an event! The live stream is on our youtube channel (Live Broadcast at the top of the page) All breaks are scheduled and guaranteed to break.


What is a “HIT” card

 A "Hit" card is a value card that is pulled in a break. Cellybreak classifies a hit card as any card that is not considered a “Base” card. In certain breaks, depending on the product, all cards are a hit (Example: Black Diamond, SPGU, SPx, The Cup)


A card has more than one team?

In the event that a card has multiple teams on it, we will randomize the teams on the card using the randomizer (Random.org) 3 times and the team at the top will win the card


What happens if I don’t get a card?

That is a question we receive a lot, unfortunately not every team will be guaranteed a hit.


After Break – Please allow 5-10 business days to receive cards. We ship Canada Post and all your hits get put in penny sleeves, toploaders, and teambags. The (hits) then get shipped to you free of charge using Standard Letter Mail. High valued cards will be sent in a bubble mailer. If you would like tracking and insurance, it will be on the customer to cover additional costs.

Value: Without a doubt, box breaking is one of the most cost effective ways to get cards you’re interested in for an affordable price. Instead of having to buy a box yourself and invest hundreds of dollars, you can pay a fraction of the price to get the teams you’re interested in. There is also a certain amount of quality control that comes with box breaking: buying a spot in a higher-caliber break means you could potentially get an extremely valuable card at a cut-rate.

Community: Another great benefit to box breaks is the camaraderie that goes along with the break. These are typically live streamed with a chat group running alongside. Collectors can share in the excitement of watching pull after pull, hit after hit. Some breaks run auctions during the stream so participants can have a little fun competing with one another. There can even be bonuses and giveaways during the livestream which is another added benefit to participating live.